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Private Dental Courses

One on One Courses - Dental Tutoring - Choose your topic - Call to schedule at your convienence

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This course is given by Prof. Eli Raviv.

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Course Objective

Private Dental Course - One on One - Den

At The Raviv continuing education center we have been helping dentists to build their careers for over 38 years! 

Dr. Raviv is one of Canada premiere career-training provider.  Dr Raviv will instruct dentists on a one on one programs and will focus on helping them out to improve their dental skills .

Knowing that the instructor has been teaching in the dental field in Canada and internationally for many years makes a difference in dental education.  Dr Raviv is committed and up to date with the latest dental technology including 3D Dentistry. The dentists will be invited to the clinic and get the theory as well as hands on tutoring. 

Dr Raviv is a happy and patient instructor.  He loves to help dentists out and he really enjoys teaching. At the Raviv center there is access to a beautiful and state of the art dental clinic and a wide array of dental instruments and materials that the dentists can use. 


If you are a dentist that would like to improve your clinical skills , get confidence, need to take exams or for other reasons and looking for private dental hands on  tutoring  call the Raviv continuing education center at 514 9414450 and establish your interested dental subject, the convenient dates, time and the fees. 


5625 Decarie Boul , Montreal, QC, H3W 3C7

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