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Course Duration 1 day

Sep. 16th. 2020 <---- next course

September 13th 2019 SOLD OUT 

February 20th 2020 LIMITED SPACE 

Contact us for future dates

This course is given by Prof. Eli Raviv, Prof. Roy Raviv and Prof. Milli Raviv

Course Amount $1500


Course Objective

This is a one day comprehensive didactic course designed for the General Practitioner who would like to broaden their experience with Fixed and Removable Prosthetic solutions over Implants. Dr. Eli Raviv and his team will cover - Radio-graphic Diagnostic Interpretation, Treatment Planning, Pre-implant Prosthodontics, Implant Number and Prosthesis, Restorative Dentist and Surgeon communications, Impression techniques, Abutment design, Screw-Retained versus Cement-Retained crowns, Restorative Dentist and Lab communications, Posterior single and multiple crowns over Implants, Anterior single and multiple crowns over Implants, Partial and Complete Over-Dentures on Implants, Converting a Removable prosthesis to a Fixed, Hybrid Prosthesis and Full arch crown and bridge over Implants, Occlusion evaluation, Immediate loading, Reasons for failure and modalities for success and much more.

Dental team members are encouraged to attend the course in order to build an implant team approach, increase value presented to patients and increase case acceptance.

CE credits & Certificate are provided for the course.


5625 Decarie Boul , Montreal, QC, H3W 3C7

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